4 different landlords you may just meet

4 Different Landlords You May Just Meet

Maybe your landlord has just finished a home renovation.  A landlord is a landlord, right? They own a house and you want to live there. That’s all there is too it, right? If you were thinking the way I used to, then there are a few things you need to know before beginning your negotiations with them. There are actually quite a number of landlords and each kind has a different personality. If you can determine the difference it will be that much easier for you to get on their good side and be the chosen one for the rental. So sit back and fly through these 4 different types of landlord!

Parental Landlord

These landlords are not as business-like as others and are more attached to their property than others. More than likely, the property you are attempting to rent from them is their only property. The best way to get this kind of landlord to pick you is to show genuine interest in taking good care of their property. If a parental landlord knows you are going to love and care for their property, they are all the more likely to accept you!

Family Investors

While this kind of landlord has some similarities to a parental landlord, they tend have amassed a larger amount of property, sometimes dating back over hundreds of years. While these landlords are more business-oriented than parental landlords, they still have a friendly touch to them and are still quite attached to their property. Try to be just a little more formal with these landlords, while still showing a genuine interest in the care of their property.

Management Companies

A management company does not directly own the house in question. They are normally looking after the management and leasing of the property for the owner. Due to the fact that the company does not directly own the house, going for the taking care of it approach may not work quite so well. These management companies tend to have access to a larger portfolio than others and should be treated in a very business-like manner. Instead of trying to get close to them directly, you simply need to show that you’re willing to follow protocol and a financially able to make your regular payments on schedule. If you are able to do these two things, a management company is more likely to consider you for the rental.

Real Estate Developers

Agents tend to own vast numbers of properties of varying kinds. More often than not their properties are high end and somewhat expensive. They are 100% business oriented and simply want your full cooperation and financial security. If you are planning to rent from a real estate developer, you will want to appease to the stress-free side of things, being fully prepared and financially stable enough that when negotiations begin, the real estate developers have no need to chase you up for anything. So long as you follow these general personality profiles, you should be able to easily get on the good side of your potential landlord!