Fire Pit 101: The Different Types of Fire Pits and What to Consider

General Appeal

 It is likely that you have attended a gathering where the homeowner had a fire pit front and center in their backyard. The best fire pits are not only practical, but charming and can add a great touch to any yard. Many factors w l come into play when you are deciding if owning a fire pit is right for your lifestyle. You will want to consider safety, pricing, size, and aesthetic value. There are also many uses for an outdoor fire pit – warmth, decorative, and cooking. With the multiple uses available, it is likely that you will be able to find a fire pit that is suited for your lifestyle.

Safety Hazards

 While fire pits are stylish, they can also be dangerous if not properly used. For obvious reasons, any time there is an open flame, caution needs to be taken. If you have any children or pets that are going to be roaming the backyard, you must be certain that they will not get burned by the flames. This can be prevented by the use of a gated area or a fire pit model with minimal access to the open flames. Some fire pits come with covers that limit the potential for the flame to be touched while still being able to enjoy it. Also, it is essential to place your fire pit in an area that does not have the potential to catch on fire, as well as far enough away from any structures like your home or garage.

Models Available

 From extra small to very large, sizing isn’t going to be an issue regarding which fire pit you choose due to the variety on the market. Some of the most basic, small models that are portable start at around $80. For a larger, more extravagant model, you can expect to pay $5,000+. They can be made from several different materials – stone, steel, copper, cast iron, etc…The style you choose depends on your own personal preference. Whether you want a purely decorative fire pit or one that comes in the middle of a table with the option to cook, anything is possible.

Built-In Vs. Standalone 

If you know that you would like a permanent feature in your backyard, you could opt for a built-in fire pit. This requires some additional landscaping and costs more, but it provides a beautiful result. If you want the opportunity to move your fire pit if you choose, then going for a standalone model will be smarter. Perhaps you are looking for a fire pit that you can take with you when you go camping. There are small, portable options for this.

Fuel of Choice

 Once you have a basic idea of the size and style that you’d like to go for, you need to consider whether you want a wood-burning, gas, or gel fire pit. Traditionally speaking, wood-burning is the classic. You get the campfire smell and the feeling of spending a night under the stars right from your backyard. These tend to be the least costly because the fuel is simply wood. For any type of gas-running fire pits, you need to consider that potential landscaping will be done to run a gas line (if your yard done not have one already). For gel fuel, it is also important to realize that finding the fuel could be difficult. Realistically, they all serve the same purpose of lighting your fire pit, so the decision should be based on what is most convenient to you.