The Importance Of Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance

The Importance Of Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance

Why is Fire Alarm Monitoring so Important?

According to One Way Electrical, while a fire alarm system ensures that anyone on the premises is alerted to potential danger, in most cases the greatest risk of damage and loss occurs when a building is unoccupied. Early fire detection can minimize the extent of damage and loss while failure to detect a problem could mean the total loss of everything. When there is no-one on site to alert the fire department of a problem when a fire breaks out, it can quickly spread and cause irreparable damage, especially if there is no sprinkler system installed. In fact, a sprinkler system can add to the problem by causing immense water damage if there is no one there to turn off the water flow once the fire has been extinguished.

Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Services

Alarm monitoring will provide you with an extra measure of security to help protect your valuable business assets. Regular, planned maintenance of your fire alarm system will provide you with complete peace of mind that your commercial business premises are adequately protected according to British Safety Standards. By implementing a variety of maintenance checks and carrying out frequent maintenance inspections by trained engineers, we keep your fire and security systems operating 24 hours a day at peak efficiency.

24-Hour Protection

When a fire starts that triggers your fire alarm system, a signal is immediately sent to our monitoring centre. The fire department is instantly notified and a fire team is dispatched to the scene within minutes. Our UL listed and FM approved fire monitoring centre meets all NPA standards to properly monitor your business premises. Any signal from your onsite alarm system will be directly received and promptly attended to by the monitoring centre.

In addition to essential fire and water flow alerts, fire alarm maintenance provides valuable services such as alerts that will warn you of problems with the initiation and notification device that may need to be repaired or replaced, as well as tamper switch notifications. Regular monitoring provides vital insight into the ability of your alarm system to respond immediately to emergencies without requiring anyone to be present.

Fire Alarm Installation

We offer the best quality technology with multiple options to suit your particular security needs, including landline, cellular, and TCP/IP solutions. If you already have an alarm system installed, we are able to monitor most fire alarm brands and different panel types. We are also experts at installing new panels or diallers should they be required.

Fire Alarm Inspection Process

Our annual fire alarm system testing includes fire alarm panels and associated devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, test battery backup systems, and strobe/horn units. Our professional inspections follow the codes and standards of the National Fire Protection Association, various insurance companies, and the local fire marshal and we provide you with inspection reports.

In addition to our fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections, we are also qualified to inspect other fire protection systems such as fire pumps, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire hydrants, fire doors, back-flow preventers, rain/freeze sensors, emergency exit lights, and various other equipment at your request.