The Woes of Selling Real Estate – Dealing with Rejection

The Woes of Selling Real Estate – Dealing with Rejection

No job is perfect. There are always going to be slip ups along the way. Unfortunately this applies to working as a real estate agent even more than some. You can do everything you’re supposed to with absolute perfection and still receive a rejection letter from the potential buyer! It’s important that you know this is coming as a real estate agent. You have to be prepared for the worst and not let it get you down when it happens. Read on to learn a few tips to keep your spirit high and your head up!

Try not to Take it Personally

You did your job, right? Rejection in the world of business is just a part of the process. At no point should you feel like the potential buyer rejected you just because its you who was asking; they rejected your offer for one simple reason; they had a better deal elsewhere. Someone else had access to something that the buyer wanted which you didn’t have. No need for anything to get personal; just move on to the next potential buyer!

Give Them More Details

Sometimes a buyer rejects your offer simply because they feel they don’t know enough about it. If this is the case and you’ve determined that your potential buyer is a detail oriented person, try making some charts or statistical analyses. You may just get lucky on the second round! If you feel as though the buyer rejected you but there’s still a chance, don’t hesitate to ask them. If you ask them what it is they needed to know, they may just tell you! If they do, then find out what that is and let them know as fast as you can; you kay just sell the place after all!

Stay Positive

Don’t put yourself down just because you got rejected; honestly, it happens to us all. Just move on and try to find another buyer. Alternately, if you feel as though you still have a shot with this buyer, try to build some rapport; get to know them a little. If you’re able to learn what this potential buyer’s personality type is you may just find the key to changing their mind! If you do, then great! If not, move on and find another buyer. This will of course cost you a lot of time, but in the end what else are you to do? Move on and try your best once again for the next one!

Learn from it!

The best thing you can do when you are rejected in the real estate business is analyze why that was. Figure out what it was that another agent had that you didn’t and make sure that doesn’t happen again! As long as you learn from your mistakes, then your mistakes become worth it! Fuming over your errors, assuming there are any, is not going to help you at all! Learn and adapt so that you can have more success in the future. Eastleigh mediation home owners